I believe the sun also rises, lighting our past, driving the darkness away. So far away...
I'm Alive!

I just remembered all the good times I used to have as a teen on Mindsay and discovered my account has not been deleted and I do indeed remember the password! Life has changed a lot for me in the past year. I graduated from college, got an interesting new job, was accepted to seminary, and my mom had cancer and survived... And here I am, pretending to be the adult I still don't believe I am- owning a car, commuting to Minneapolis, renting an apartment, and taking graduate school classes. It's quite a life.

Sad to say, but I have a new blog. Not that I update much, but if I ever decide to, it is at http://satelliteoflove.tumblr.com/

Also, I have a Twitter account, but I only tweet stuff people aren't interested in reading: http://twitter.com/seminarysoul

Maybe I'll update here sometimes, if I remember. If not, this is at least a record of how I used to be.

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One of Those Days
I let another boy down last night. It really sucks. Sometimes I wonder if boys just think I'm a jerk. The truth is that I know what I want in a guy, and it's hard to find. There is only one guy right now I would say yes to, and I'm fairly certain he is not interested.

I hate breaking hearts. I hate hurting people. I hate being alone.

Music: "Someday You Will Be Loved," Death Cab for Cutie
Does that make me crazy? Possibly...
It's getting worse.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor for x-rays for my blasted right ankle. They're normal. Last week, I went to the school nurse, and she couldn't find anything wrong with the tendons or ligaments. I've been referred to an orthopedic specialist, but I can't help but wonder, "Am I crazy?"

After six hours of work today, I can definitely say my ankle is in pain, but no cause has been found. I wonder if it's all in my head...

Speaking of work, I'm working every day from now to New Year's Eve with the sole exception of Christmas Day. Yech.

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Cookie Thief!
cookiethief.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack
This picture makes me smile! Just wanted to share.

My roommate thinks the chubby bunny looks more like a sock puppet than an animal. So cute!
Ugh, this past week has been filled with all-nighters, final papers and projects, a presentation, and today was my Research Design and Statistics final exam. What a work out! I got about 2 hours of sleep last night, staying up to write my psychological research paper that was due at the exam today. Unfortunately, I spent all my time focusing on the paper instead of studying for the test! So when I woke up at 6:30 this morning, I was totally out of it. For 20 minutes, I skimmed the important formulas, before dashing off to class late.

I don't think things went well, but I'm so weary of this semester that I just want things to be over! A B in the class wouldn't be the end of the world. (But a B- on the other hand...)

My roommate and I visited the director of residence life today to ask which rooms are available for next semester, since we're parting ways. "All the women in double singles have already been guaranteed their rooms to themselves next semester!" he said. Well that makes things tough! He gave us a list of nine names and said we could contact them and ask if they would let one of us room with them next semester. Very inconvenient for them and us. Things do not look good. Why can't things just work out the first time?

I have a splitting headache and anticipate going to bed at 8 p.m. for the first time since early gradeschool. (I didn't even go to bed that early in 5th grade when my usual bedtime was ten!)

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No More wake up calls - Wake up?
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